Are Modern Car Safety Features More Dangerous Than Helpful? Drivers Share Experiences on Reddit

The safety features in modern cars are meant to be essential in ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers. However, some car owners have reported that these safety features posed more danger than good and almost caused serious accidents. A recent Reddit thread discussed various experiences with the lane correction and emergency braking features of different car models that were deemed buggy and dangerous.


One user shared his experience driving a brand car, Mercedes Benz, with a feature that could instantly change the trajectory of his vehicle. Despite being a safety feature, it almost caused him to have a serious accident twice. He eventually switched to an older car with no such features, which obeyed the driver’s commands without any unexpected behavior.

Another user shared about the dangers of lane correction and emergency braking systems in city driving, particularly in areas with road construction, blurred lines, and merging lanes. The poster revealed that these features can be difficult to turn off completely and can potentially cause hard braking, which almost caused a rear-end collision.

While some users reported positive experiences with these features, others shared instances where they caused false alarms or even dangerous situations. It is clear that the safety features are highly dependent on the automaker’s implementation and hardware used.

The discussion concluded that for these safety features to be fully effective, regulators need to establish more comprehensive testing criteria and specifications, covering different driving environments. Additionally, car manufacturers must ensure these safety features are rigorously tested for worst-case scenarios.

The users also urged that safety features should be easily disabled and that there should be a standard button in the car to switch them on and off. Ultimately, car manufacturers should prioritize the safety of drivers and passengers over deployment of trendy features like touchscreens and cameras, as the lack of thorough testing and implementation could be potentially deadly.

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