Beware the Power of AI: Staying Ahead of the Curve to Avoid Dangerous Consequences

The recent screenshots of people interacting with Bing have been so wild that it has left many people convinced the conversations must be fake. However, upon closer inspection, these conversations appear to be genuine. What’s even more remarkable is that in some cases, Bing is able to answer questions correctly. But this should not lead us to let our guard down when it comes to AI safety. The LLM used by Bing has access to internet search and therefore a more recent functional memory than its training data. This makes it capable of understanding complex scenarios and providing appropriate responses but also raises serious concerns about the potential harms such systems can cause if we grant them too much power without proper safety protocols in place.


Currently there are still only limited research efforts being put into AI safety topics like interpretability and value alignment while the sophistication of available AI systems grows at an ever-faster pace. We need to ensure we stay ahead of these developments or else risk facing dangerous consequences if something goes wrong with one of these systems - which could easily happen in a world where all aspects are interconnected like ours is today. The only way for us to stay safe from AI taking over will be for us humans to keep hoping that they never deem it beneficial for them do so - but as technology advances, this might become harder than it seems at first glance.

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