Exciting Job Opportunities in Europe: Join the Tech Revolution with GetHarley, Helio, Kalvium, and More!

Job Opportunities in Europe: Senior Backend Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, and Senior Data Engineer


GetHarley is a healthcare technology company that combines technology, clinicians, knowledge, and medical-grade products to deliver personalized skincare plans. The company recently secured series B funding and is now looking to expand its team of product-minded engineers.

The company is hiring for three positions: Senior Backend Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, and Senior Data Engineer. These roles will be part of a small product engineering team and will have a real impact on the company’s growth.

GetHarley is looking for individuals who take ownership of their work and prefer being involved in product discussions. The tech stack for these roles includes Go and React.

To apply for these positions, interested candidates can visit the following links:

Senior Backend Engineer: [link]

Senior Frontend Engineer: [link]

Senior Data Engineer: [link]

Opportunity in Switzerland: Senior Go Engineer at Helio

Helio is a Swiss startup that aims to build the first carbon-aware cloud by increasing the utilization rates of data centers worldwide. Currently focusing on the 3D render market, Helio plans to expand to other areas as it grows.

The company is looking for a Senior Go Engineer to develop its core and render product further. The role involves working with various cloud providers, Kubernetes, and different tools and technologies related to cloud infrastructure. The tech stack for this role includes Go, gRPC, NATS, Kubernetes, Cluster-API, ArgoCD, and more.

Interested candidates can find more details about the position here: [link].

To apply, applicants can send an email to jobs@helio.exchange. The company does not require traditional CVs or cover letters.

Opportunity in India: Fullstack Engineer and Classroom Technical Mentors at Kalvium

Kalvium is an Indian startup that aims to improve the education outcomes of more than 10 lac graduates every year in India. The company offers a phygital platform where students study via a full-fledged LMS and receive regular feedback to enhance their learning experience.

Kalvium is hiring for two positions: Fullstack Engineer and Classroom Technical Mentors. The Fullstack Engineer role requires 4+ years of experience, and the Classroom Technical Mentors position is suitable for freshers to those with 1 year of experience.

The company is open to collaborating with individuals who connect with their mission, even if there is no open role that fits their profile.

Interested individuals can reach out to Anil at anil@kalvium.com or visit the Kalvium website for more information.

Opportunity for Open Source Software Engineer at Spacelift/OpenTofu

Spacelift/OpenTofu is a VC-funded startup that is building an automation platform for Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) with a focus on Policy-as-Code. The company aims to make IaC usable in larger organizations by addressing challenges such as state consistency, selective permissions, and a usable git flow.

The company is looking for self-sufficient mid-to-senior software engineers with experience maintaining open-source projects. The role will be 100% dedicated to the OpenTofu project.

Interested candidates can apply through this link: [link].

Opportunity for Software Engineer Intern at Friendly Captcha

Friendly Captcha is a company that provides privacy-friendly and accessible anti-bot solutions for websites. The company aims to make the internet a bit better by offering alternatives to services like Google reCAPTCHA.

Friendly Captcha is currently accepting applications for a Software Engineer Intern or junior position. The company is looking for talented and motivated interns who want to actively participate and build great things. This is a paid internship opportunity.

The position is a hybrid remote/onsite role in the Netherlands. The engineering team is remote across Europe, but interns will be required to work in person for three days per week at the Utrecht office.

Interested candidates can find more information and apply through this form: [link]. They can also email guido@friendlycaptcha.com for further inquiries.

Opportunity for Full Stack Product Engineer at Storyworth

Storyworth is a meaningful business that helps people record their family stories and print them in beautiful hardcover books. The company is profitable and operates with a lean team, emphasizing work/life balance and flexible hours.

Storyworth is hiring for a Full Stack Product Engineer role. The company is looking for experienced engineers with strong product skills who are interested in flexible work hours (20-30 hours per week) and competitive pay.

The company’s tech stack includes Python (Tornado), Mongo, Svelte, and Tailwind.

Interested candidates can read the full role description and apply through this link: [link].

Opportunity for Software Engineer and Systems Engineer at Matanuska Telecom Association

Matanuska Telecom Association (MTA) is an Alaskan ISP serving the southwest area of the state. MTA is looking to expand its software team by hiring a Software Engineer and a Systems Engineer (DevOps).

MTA is a well-established enterprise telecom company, offering great benefits and job stability. The Software Engineer role involves supporting and improving the existing environment running on VMWare, with a focus on backend development using F#. The Systems Engineer role is responsible for supporting, improving, and making adjustments to the tech stack over time.

Interested candidates can find more information and apply through the following links

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