Dive into the Controversial Debate Over Fluoride in Water

The debate over adding fluoride to water has been ongoing for decades, with some questioning its efficacy and safety. The author of a recent article on the subject shared their opinions on fluoride, its applications, and the controversy surrounding it.


The author first questions the practice of adding fluoride to water, stating that it is difficult to control for the amount of water consumed and the unique factors of each individual, such as age and weight. Instead, they suggest that the European solution of adding fluoride to salt might be a better option.

Next, the author argues that dosage recommendations and regulations should be scrutinized and compared between countries. They believe that if the science on a particular topic is well-settled, then health officials in multiple countries should arrive at similar results. They suggest that discrepancies in suggestions made between health officials in the US and EU warrant investigation.

The author also argues that fluoride should not be added to food or beverages as it provides no benefits when ingested, and excessive ingestion can lead to bone damage. They suggest that fluoride should only be added to toothpaste and mouthwash as it provides all the benefits without the risks.

The author questions why fluoride ingestion is mandated by law in the US, suggesting that it may be linked to political objectives. They also question the scientific rigour behind the belief in water fluoridation, such as the formula used to determine optimal concentration levels based on climate.

The article concludes with a discussion of toothpaste alternatives such as nanohydroxyapatite and higher concentration hydroxyapatite. The author suggests that fluoride-added water may not be necessary for those who use fluoride toothpaste regularly.

While the debate over water fluoridation remains ongoing, this article highlights the need for continued research and evaluation of the practice’s efficacy and safety.

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