Navigating Education, Language and Life Choices for Our Kids - How Far Should We Push?

Making decisions about our child’s future can be a daunting task. One of the most important factors to consider is their education and language. Currently, we are living in Spain where salaries are fairly good, but the economy is not the best and it does not provide students with many opportunities for growth. Switzerland has an excellent education system, but as a lower middle class family, it might be difficult to make ends meet. Colombia provides a privileged upbringing and education for children, however due to its dangerous nature and high university fees, this may not be the best option. Lastly there is the UK which offers fantastic options if you manage to get into university; however it is highly expensive so would likely provide less bang for your buck than other options.


We often worry that our children will become exceptional but at what cost? Sure we can send them to various sports or activities but at what point are we pushing them too hard? Should happiness or fulfillment ever take precedence over excelling in one particular area of life? We should strive to foster self-esteem, curiosity and courage in our children so that they have a solid foundation from which they can pursue anything they want while managing life’s inevitable trials along the way.

The market often values certain jobs more than others; software engineers are held at a higher regard than garbage collectors even though their jobs play just as vital of an importance in society’s day-to-day operations; yet garbage collectors do not receive nearly as much recognition or compensation for their work as software engineers do even though what they produce literally nourishes us every day! We must remember that all forms of contribution - big or small - should carry equal weight when assessing value since ultimately it all plays an integral role in keeping us afloat as humans on this planet!

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