Still Soaring: The Enduring Popularity of Apple's Vintage MacBook Air Laptops

Apple’s MacBook Air laptops from the 2010-2015 era continue to be fondly remembered by users years after they were first released. Despite being released almost a decade ago, these laptops are still popular due to their portability, performance and functionality. The laptops were lightweight, compact, had plenty of ports and were the first non-Thinkpad laptops that users enjoyed using. Many users are still able to use these laptops to this day, with some opting to replace the original hard drives with faster and newer SSDs.


However, the text also highlights some limitations of the MacBook Air, particularly in terms of battery life and software updates. While the laptops were impressive for their time, they may not be able to keep up with newer software updates, and many have experienced battery failure over time.

Some users have also shared tips for maximizing the lifespan of their MacBook Airs, such as installing Linux and using it exclusively rather than trying to dual-boot with Mac OS. Others have suggested using OpenCore Legacy Patcher to run newer versions of Mac OS on older hardware.

The text also touches on some of the challenges of using Linux on a MacBook Air, including issues with touchpad drivers and the lack of standardized keybindings. However, some users have found workarounds for these issues, such as using Gnome-Tweaks to enable Command/Control key bindings, or using third-party tools like xkeysnail or Kinto.

Ultimately, the text highlights the enduring popularity of Apple’s MacBook Air laptops from a bygone era. While newer laptops have since been released with better battery life and improved hardware, many users still prefer the portability and functionality of the old MacBook Airs.

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