Streamlining Masked Emails with JMAP: Current Challenges and Future Improvements

How JMAP is Streamlining Masked Emails and Future Improvements


If you are an avid user of masked emails and 1Password, you may have come across JMAP and how it has made adding support for masked emails a seamless experience. JMAP is a protocol that supports a variety of email-related measures, including masked emails that enable users to create unique email addresses for each account they sign up for.

However, while JMAP offers a polished experience, it does come with limitations that make relying on masked email functionality a bit difficult. With dozens or even hundreds of masked emails created for various companies, keeping track of which sender identity to associate with which masked email address when emailing a particular company can be a daunting task.

Luckily, JMAP provides a solution to this issue by automatically creating a sending identity when a masked email is added. This means that if you go into your Fastmail settings and click the option to choose a sender, all your masked email addresses associated with a domain will appear in the list, making it easy for you to choose the one you need based on the recipient.

However, it was not always this easy to use masked emails with JMAP. Some users had to contend with a separate section on adding sending identities and referring to outdated documentation that no longer exists. Additionally, the filter/search feature in the sender field does not always work correctly when looking for a domain associated with a masked email address.

Despite these challenges, masked emails and JMAP remain a viable way of preventing email spam and increasing anonymity in online transactions. However, some users have proposed further improvements to the email system, such as generating a unique key when a relationship with a company is established that allows users to revoke access when needed. This feature would be a back-end implementation detail that users may not even need to interact with unless they choose to.

While such improvements to JMAP or the email protocol may require time and effort, they could help to further enhance the experience of masked email users and email clients. As online transactions continue to grow, ensuring our privacy and the security of our personal information is paramount.

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