Is Windows veering off the consumer-friendly path?

Is Windows Becoming More Anti-Consumer Than Ever Before?


In a recent online discussion, a user expressed their frustration with Microsoft’s tendency to push news and advertisements to users through their operating system. They argued that this is not what an operating system should do, and that Microsoft’s continuous addition of unwanted features and telemetry is one of the reasons they are considering ditching Windows altogether.

While some users in the discussion disagree with the idea of leaving Windows, others seem to have already switched to Linux or are contemplating it. One user pointed out that Microsoft has essentially turned Windows into a spyware platform, which is a far cry from its original purpose.

The discussion also touched on the idea that Microsoft could eventually switch to running a Linux kernel in order to free up resources and differentiate their product, although this seems unlikely given the company’s investment in Windows-specific APIs and legacy support.

Another topic that came up was gaming, with users questioning whether Linux is a viable alternative for gaming rigs. While some admitted that Linux gaming has come a long way, others argued that it’s still not equivalent to Windows in terms of performance and compatibility.

Overall, the discussion highlights the growing dissatisfaction of some users with Windows and its anti-consumer features. While Windows still dominates the desktop operating system market, it remains to be seen whether users will continue to put up with Microsoft’s additions and changes in the long run.

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