Introducing DUMBO.TV: The Revolutionary Consumer TV Designed for the Future!

An Entrepreneur is Developing a Consumer TV for the Market Under the Name DUMBO.TV


A self-proclaimed designer and builder of TVs for commercial and industrial verticals has announced plans to develop a TV for the consumer market under the brand name DUMBO.TV. The News was revealed when the entrepreneur posted their company’s design for a 70" industrial display using a Samsung LCD panel and an in-house LCD controller along with physical OSD menu buttons and IR/RS232 control capability. The entrepreneur is looking for feedback and suggestions from the community regarding their design and branding.

The DUMBO.TV brand has some potential branding issues as it clashes with Disney’s trademark for the name connected to television sets. The entrepreneur behind the project acknowledges this fact and is looking for a way to get past this issue. Some suggested that the name’s slight modifications, such as adding a lowercase letter, can help the brand differentiate itself and make it more compelling for consumers.

The entrepreneur shared their vision of what their TV would look like and what features it would possess. They propose a TV that is capable of professional color calibration, has HDMI 2.1, a TV tuner with auto-scan capability, any crappy speaker, excellent CEC support, down-facing connections, physical buttons on the back of the TV for power, channel, volume, menu, and time-to-first-image less than 3 seconds.

The proposed price point would be around $3000 - $4000, expecting the TV to last at least 15 years. The entrepreneur focused a lot on the functionality and ergonomic design of the TV, with features that cater to verticals such as camping and outdoor recreation, sailing, and the home movie theatre enthusiast.

The entrepreneur has also revealed that their company has experience in outdoor displays as well, which ranges from 5000 nits to 12000 nits in brightness, with pixel pitch ranging from 3mm to 9mm. Their outdoor displays are typically used for digital billboards, advertising, and rental purposes.

While the DUMBO.TV brand still has some issues to settle, the project seems to have potential, particularly for those who are looking for a TV that focuses more on functionality and has an ergonomic design. The entrepreneur’s background in designing and building TVs for commercial and industrial verticals adds credibility to their project, and the proposed features would cater to different verticals, making it more versatile. However, it remains to be seen how the entrepreneur will tackle the branding issue with Disney, which could potentially derail the entire project if not handled properly.

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