Bluesky's PDS Host Launch: A New Era of Self-Hosting Empowerment and Innovation

The engineering team at Bluesky has hit a milestone with the launch of their PDS host, generating enthusiasm among self-hosters who are eager to dive into this platform. Bluesky is dedicated to assisting users in running their own PDS host and is readily available to address any questions or issues that may arise during the setup process.


The technical details and installer for the PDS host can be found on the Bluesky GitHub repository, offering a comprehensive resource for users looking to explore the platform further. Additionally, the team is actively engaging with users on Discord to provide real-time support and guidance.

One notable aspect highlighted by the team is the importance of clarity regarding the licensing of the code within the repository. While the platform is built as a thin wrapper around @atproto/pds, which is under the MIT/Apache 2.0 license, ensuring proper documentation of licenses is crucial for transparency and compliance.

In a notable shift, Bluesky recently rebranded with a dead butterfly logo, sparking a discussion on the platform’s representation and messaging. The team is committed to fostering an open and social Internet built on solid principles and scientific rigor, and the rebranding decision has drawn attention from the community.

Furthermore, the integration of Caddy for on-demand TLS certificates adds a layer of security and convenience for self-hosters, enhancing the overall user experience. The team acknowledges the significance of addressing niche issues to ensure a seamless setup process for all users.

The PDS and Relay now support non-app.bsky record types, marking a significant advancement in the functionality of the platform. This update opens up new possibilities for building diverse applications and services on Bluesky, further empowering users in their self-hosting endeavors.

Looking ahead, OAuth support is on the horizon, promising a simplified authentication process for users and expanding the range of options for account creation. The team remains committed to enhancing the platform and addressing any challenges that may arise as they continue to evolve the PDS host.

Overall, the launch of the PDS host by the Bluesky engineering team represents a significant step forward in the development of a more open and decentralized Internet ecosystem. With a focus on user empowerment, transparency, and innovation, Bluesky is poised to make a positive impact in the realm of self-hosting and online interaction.

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