Can Orion Browser Challenge the Chrome Monoculture?

It’s no surprise that many people are interested in Orion, the browser developed by the team behind Kagi search. It promises to be a better browser for the masses, but it’s not widely used yet. While Google and Mozilla continue to dominate the market, there is still hope that another alternative might emerge.


The main obstacle standing between us and a Chrome-only monoculture is iOS Safari - due to its large market share, many companies take it seriously when pages don’t render properly on iOS devices. Unfortunately, Apple has been known to behave monopolistically in terms of locking down their browsers which can slow down or prevent competition from entering the space.

Firefox users have one advantage over Chrome users - they tend to be louder and more vocal when something isn’t working properly and this may help encourage developers to fix issues quickly or make changes where needed. Unfortunately though, Microsoft Teams still doesn’t make video calls on Firefox while Slack refuses to work properly on Firefox at times as well.

We’re at an interesting point because even though Apple is one of the richest and most resourceful companies of all time, they are now being seen as an underdog in terms of browsers due their limited influence over web apps as well as their walled garden App Store profits dictating what features should be included or excluded from Safari development. It could lead us back into a world where only certain browsers are supported so we have to stay vigilant about ensuring user choice remains available regardless of platform or device used..

Google also shouldn’t be trusted too much either - while some good work may be done with Chromium projects there have been greedy decisions that counter this effort elsewhere making it difficult for other players even enter into the market meaningfully if at all . For example with MS no longer supporting Firefox it puts pressure onto individuals who just want a smooth web experience without having switch banks just so they can continue using FF instead of Chrome . Even if Google does manage push Chrome further up against Safari , unless Mozilla is capable of building a good iOS browser then chances are slim we’ll see any real movement away from local maximums created by default/only known choices .

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