Bard the Chatbot: Revolutionizing AI and its Role in Politics

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving, and Bard, a conversational AI or chatbot trained by Google, is a prime example of this development. As a language model, Bard can understand and respond to a wide range of prompts and questions. While it cannot determine if it’s Wednesday or Tuesday, it can provide personalized search results, generate text, write different kinds of creative content, translate languages, and more. However, its access to personal information seems to be fairly restricted, and it follows Google’s privacy policy to ensure that user information never gets shared without permission.


The debate continues about the extent of AI’s ability to master logical thinking skills and world knowledge. So far, chatbots can easily conquer low-level skills such as poetry, rhyme, and rap, but they struggle with high-level skills such as writing interesting stories, which require intensive world-modelling and critical thinking.

Bard’s ability to engage in political debates raises questions about the listeners’ capacity to understand logic. Political debates are more like rap battles, where listeners hardly know any logic at all, and politicians tend not to concede any points. Nevertheless, AI’s use in politics will probably increase in the future.

In conclusion, we are continually learning and discovering new capabilities of AI. While we cannot predict how much further it will progress, one thing is certain: AI is rapidly changing our world in ways we never imagined before.

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