React Maintainers Praised for Outstanding Documentation: A Reddit User's Experience

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React maintainers receive praise for their focus on documentation, according to a recent comment on Reddit. A user shared their positive experience with the official React documentation when they were learning React a year ago. They explained that the documentation was instrumental in helping them get started with SPA paradigms after a long break from serious coding.


The user was impressed with the clarity of writing and the progression of topics covered in the documentation. They were able to start building a basic app on the same day after spending the afternoon reading the documentation. The user also noted that React components promote a more abstracted and streamlined approach to coding, which makes it easier to avoid implementation details and keep the code simple.

However, the user also pointed out that some aspects of React can be complex, such as wiring everything together and taming Create-react-app (CRA). They recommended using other more modern choices like Vite, which is 10 times faster than CRA according to the user.

The user also compared functional components with class components and argued that hooks are better for reusing component logic. HOCs have downsides, including conflicts with props and issues with refs, whereas hooks offer a simpler way to define stateful logic disconnected from a component. The user also acknowledged that hooks can push the boundary of the language, but recommended using external libraries like react-query/swr for fetching and Zustand for state.

Overall, the user appreciated the effort and focus that the React maintainers have put into documentation and new features, but wished that they would stop changing things every week. Despite some challenging aspects of mastering React, the user emphasized that it is a stable and reliable framework that has largely remained backward compatible.

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