Apple's 'Vision Pro' VR/AR Headset: A Dystopian Device or Practical Tool?

Apple has recently announced its new virtual and augmented reality headset called “Vision Pro”, but the hype around the product has raised concerns about the direction of technology and the effects it could have on our daily lives. A journalist, who has been using Apple products for the past decade, finds the marketing materials for the headset unsettling and unconventional. The idea of people isolating themselves in a room, wearing goggles to interact with their environment made the journalist feel uncomfortable. The whole concept seems “post-apocalyptic” and “creepy”.


The journalist questions whether our current keyboard, mouse, and desktop setups are the real dystopia, and wonders if this new technology is taking our lives in the wrong direction. VR/AR headsets have been around for a while, but they have never become normalized in our daily lives in the same way that smartphones and TVs have. The journalist emphasizes that the VR/AR headset is not the only technology that has been criticized for its addictive nature and the way it disconnects us from reality.

The journalist also raises concerns about the impact of the product on children and the potential adoption of VR/AR as a tool for parenting and family interaction. The idea of a parent rushing to put on goggles to capture a moment of their child’s life seemed strange and isolating. The journalist believes that this may have long-term effects on children’s mental health.

While the journalist acknowledges that the VR/AR technology has its advantages, such as creating a better work environment for people working from home or providing new ways of experiencing media, it is clear that it has a long way to go before it becomes a socially acceptable device that is used on a regular basis. The journalist concludes that instead of positioning the Vision Pro as a deep immersion device, Apple should have highlighted its practical uses, such as a work and personal entertainment machine, replacing iPads or single-viewer TVs.

In conclusion, the announcement of Apple’s virtual and augmented reality headset has sparked an important debate about the direction of technology and its effects on our daily lives. The concerns raised by the journalist are valid, and it is important to consider the impact of new technology on our mental and physical health, especially in the case of children. While technology has its advantages, it is crucial to find a balance between our virtual and physical reality and ensure that we use technology responsibly.

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