The Future of Youtube: Quality Content Creation in the Face of Changing Attitudes

The Future of Youtube Content Creation: A Journalist’s Perspective


In recent years, Youtube has become one of the most popular social platforms for content creation. However, the sustainability of creating quality content on this platform is becoming increasingly difficult due to the changing attitudes of viewers. Many are installing ad-blockers, avoiding sponsors and shifting to direct support to creators. As a result, a feedback loop is occurring which makes it impossible for creators to produce or sustain quality content.

To add another perspective to this, let’s focus on the opinions of one person who produces videos on this platform. To him, the real issue is the amount of fluff in many Youtube videos. He suggests that creators should focus on communicating their information effectively and avoid unnecessary elongation. He highlights the value of repetition for better understanding and emphasizes the need for good communicators in the process of presenting information.

Many viewers use Youtube as an entertainment platform rather than a learning resource. However, it is essential to note that people learn differently, and some may prefer videos to books or other reference materials. For example, DIY, home improvement, and other types of repair videos are much more beneficial for people than reading about the same concept in a book.

It is also essential to note that many channels on Youtube that may appear non-professional are in reality a group of people working together to create quality content. This quality output difference and increase in quantity tends to favor viewers and the platform, leading to more recommendations to viewers. As a result, viewers begin to have unrealistic expectations of all channels, expecting high-quality content, leading to a more significant loss to educational content in the long run.

In conclusion, the sustainability of creating quality content on Youtube is becoming more difficult than ever before. However, as viewers, we need to understand how our choices affect creators and the platform. Furthermore, we should support channels that present information concisely, without unnecessary fluff, and avoid using ad-blockers or sponsor-blocking scripts while watching videos. In doing so, we can help make Youtube a viable platform for content creators and viewers alike.

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