Canada's Housing Market: An Ingenious Bubble or Bold Investment Opportunity?

The Canadian real estate market has been the subject of much debate over the years, with many wondering whether the prices are sustainable or if it’s just a bubble waiting to burst. Recently, a discussion on Reddit has added to this conversation, with some claiming that Canada’s housing prices are artificially goosed by government policies and house-horny Canadians.


One of the key arguments made in the discussion is that Canadians have less income, pay higher taxes, and will pay higher mortgage payments if interest rates go up, yet houses in Canada are 50-100% more expensive than the US. The text compares median household income in Canada and the US and points out that fixed 30-year mortgages are not available in Canada.

However, others argue that demand remains high in Canada, particularly in cities like Toronto, where population growth continues to outpace new supply. The discussion also touches on the role of immigrants in driving demand for housing, with some suggesting that Canada’s immigration policies are sold on the premise of being a homeowner first, no matter what.

One user in the discussion claimed that Canada is a safe place to be and that the country will benefit from climate change, becoming a country of 1 billion population in the near future. They argued that Canada doesn’t have enough housing for a fraction of that population, making it an attractive option for real estate investment.

Overall, the discussion highlights the complexities of Canada’s housing market and the many factors that influence its prices. While some argue that it’s a bubble waiting to burst, others suggest that demand remains high and that the country’s immigration policies will drive continued growth in the market. Only time will tell who is right.

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