Why This Tech Journalist Says Goodbye to Google Hardware: An Insightful Look into Apple's Longevity and User-Friendly Products

Why this tech journalist is done with Google hardware


In a recent post on the Hacker News forum, a journalist shared their disappointment with the lack of support for Google hardware. The journalist recounted how they had bought their dad a Pixel C tablet back in 2016, only to find out that the device was no longer supported by Google in 2017. Frustrated with this experience, the journalist made the switch to an iPad Mini for their father, citing the longevity of Apple’s support as a major factor in their decision.

The journalist also shared their own experience with an older iPad Air 2 that is still receiving security and bug fix updates, even though it didn’t receive the latest major update. They were impressed with how well the device still worked and found it to be very usable. In contrast, the Pixel C tablet was deemed obsolete within a year of its release.

The forum post also touched on the difficulty of finding a high-end tablet that allows for personal operating system customization. The journalist mentioned the Pine64 tablet, which was not considered high-end, and ultimately settled on a Microsoft Surface tablet running a regular version of Windows.

One interesting point mentioned was the lack of charging docks for iPads. The journalist mentioned the Logitech Base, which they still use with their older iPad, but noted that the latest iPad does not support it anymore due to changes in its design. They also expressed their frustration with Apple’s charging solutions, citing several examples of previous chargers that were not user-friendly.

Lastly, the journalist pointed out the tendency for some tech users to develop strong opinions about operating systems. They expressed surprise at the idea that Apple fans would think that Apple was innovating on features like wireless charging and USB-C, even though these features had been present in Android devices for some time.

The post offers an insightful look into the frustrations of a tech journalist who is done with Google hardware and highlights some of the advantages of Apple’s products. It also raises the question of whether Google needs to do more to support its hardware in order to compete with Apple’s longevity in this area.

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