From relying on the judicial system to advocating for better laws: A call to action for a more engaged citizenry.

In a recent online discourse, a comment was made regarding the need to focus more on fighting for better laws instead of relying solely on the judicial system to save us from “broken laws”. The author notes that the current legal system is plagued with broken business models which thrive and are protected by flawed laws. They advocate for more active participation in the legislation process to avoid the inevitable harm to society that comes when laws are drafted without society’s input.


The comment also points out that the Roe v. Wade overturn underscores the need to shift our approach from relying on courts to save us from bad laws, to actively advocating for better laws. This call to action is timely and crucial, especially as laws and policies continue to be a source of friction in communities worldwide. It is time we all pay more attention to legislation at every level of government, and actively push for laws that benefit society more than they benefit a select few.

The discourse further encompasses issues around politics, power, and the role of technology in society, including intellectual property laws, the slowness of the political system, and the need for more active local involvement. These various topics intersect in their implications for the democratic system and the need for a more engaged citizenry.

It is also clear from the discussion that the critical issue at hand is the need to have better laws that work for everyone in society, regardless of their status or resources. Rather than leaving everything to a small group of people who hold the reins of power or relying on the judicial system to save us, we must actively participate in creating a system that works for everyone. It is only through collective action that we can ensure the laws serve the greater good and not just the interests of a few.

Ultimately, this discourse serves as a reminder that we must all be engaged citizens in our communities and political systems. It is not enough to sit back and wait for the system to serve us; we must actively participate in shaping the future we want to see.

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