Web Developers, Adapt or Exit: How the Rise of Website Builders is Changing the Industry

The rise of website builders like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify has significantly impacted the web design and development industry. This has led to many web developers having to reassess their careers and find new avenues to express their passion for development despite the changes in the industry.


As clients turn to these DIY platforms, web design and development agencies find it challenging to justify their higher prices. While their work might be more sophisticated and better optimized for SEO, clients do not see the value in paying £10,000 or more for such services. This commoditization of the trade has led to many small design and development teams having to change their operations or exit the business altogether.

However, this change presents an opportunity for web developers to explore other avenues for expressing their passion. Possible ways to keep the passion for development alive include taking on side projects as a hobby, collaborating with industry friends to start an indie project, teaching others about web development, or transitioning into a related field like product management or software architecture.

The development of new technology like AI and machine learning is increasingly making some careers obsolete. As a result, existing and potential professionals need to take more responsibility for their careers, and society should provide equal access to education and re-education opportunities. Additionally, we should strive for one of the core societal values that make many advanced democracies so much better than others - Equality. Inserting strong progressive taxes on wealth would help fund a strong public sector where everyone has access to basic goods and services.

In conclusion, the rise of website builders has reduced demand for web design and development agencies that if the existing companies do not adapt, could lead to the loss of many jobs. However, creative solutions like exploring new avenues to express passion, collaborating with others, and transitioning to other fields can help web developers find fulfillment and success despite the changes. Additionally, society needs to provide equal access to education, re-education, and public services to help workers cope with the inevitability of changes in the job market.

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