Unlock Powerful Privacy Features with Firefox Containers!

Mozilla Firefox has been on the market for some time now and while there have been updates, the UI/UX of Firefox’s Containers feature hasn’t seen any significant improvements. Containers are still synced separately, leading to a default 4 containers with a tutorial UX even after syncing. This presents an issue when it comes to address bar completion, as it is monolithic and can lead to accidentally opening a site in an undesired container.


Fortunately, extensions like Containers Helper exist that make this process easier and more intuitive. This extension allows users to use shortcuts like Alt+Shift+D which open up a pop-up allowing you to quickly find your container(s). The extension also allows for the importation and exportation of containers as well as other features that respect user privacy by not making any outbound network requests.

Another add-on that makes use of containers is AWS SSO Container which creates new containers for every AWS SSO login so multiple accounts or roles can be used at once. However, this doesn’t really solve the problem of using multiple windows with one profile (eg: one window browsing HN while another window video chats). To do this, people usually combine profiles with temporary containers which provide users more flexibility along with security since all tabs are isolated from each other.

Overall, having access to features like these makes Firefox stand out from competing browsers like Chrome which don’t have something similar yet or work properly (much like Incognito mode) due its data sharing capabilities between tabs in Incognito mode - something Temporary Containers do not share between its own tabs/containers thus making them much safer for private browsing sessions than Incognito mode ever could be for long term usage where data needs to remain secure over multiple sessions if needed.

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