The StarLabs System: A Laptop Too Good To Be True?

The Linux laptop of your dreams has arrived! The StarLabs System is offering a laptop that looks too good to be true - and with good reason. With an AMD or Intel processor, ergonomic design, decent thermals, and an 18 hour battery life rated for 18 hours, you can choose between a medium resolution/high frame rate display or a 4K 60Hz display. Even better yet - they claim it POSTs in under a second!


The only downside? The 4-5 month lead time before delivery. Is this too good to be true? Well, the company is made up of three people with very limited funds. This could make it difficult for them to actually produce the laptops they’ve promised. And while the company does have some money in the bank (13 887 pounds), this may not be enough for such an ambitious project as manufacturing laptops from scratch.

However, StarLabs Systems seems like a real venture with real entrepreneurs at its helm and their product looks great on paper - so if you’re patient enough to wait 5 months after payment and are confident in their ability to fulfill warranty obligations (or even shipment), then perhaps this laptop could be worth considering. It’s certainly hard to find quality laptops amongst all the trash out there these days!

But before making any decisions about purchasing one of these machines, consider doing some additional research first; look into customer reviews and experiences over time as well as other details such as whether or not Coreboot will be available at shipment time (which they acknowledge might not) and if their financial resources are adequate enough for their ambitions. While we wish them quick success with their venture, it’s always wise to do your due diligence when investing in new technology products – especially ones from small companies who don’t have access to large funding sources like Framework does ($9 million seed round).

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