Can Steve Wozniak's 'Department of Defiance' ID Push the Line Between Clever and Criminal?

In this day and age, it’s easy to forget that challenging the status quo isn’t always a bad thing. Whether it’s taking on the Secret Service or a casino security guard, people have long been pushing boundaries and stretching the limits of what is acceptable. It’s hard to know when it crosses the line from clever to criminal though.


In this particular case, we have Steve Wozniak using his fake ID with an eyepatch and “Department of Defiance” font to fool a Secret Service agent. While some may be quick to write off such antics as criminal behavior, there is actually more nuance here than meets the eye.

Under 18 U.S.C § 1001, lying or providing false documents related to a federal matter can be considered a felony offense in certain circumstances. However, in this case Wozniak didn’t forge any government ID - he created an entirely fictitious one with no intent to deceive anyone about his identity or affiliations with any organization whatsoever - making it difficult for prosecutors to even consider pressing charges against him for his actions alone . Furthermore, Americans are generally very fond of their military personnel so there is also some level of respect accorded by default when dealing with them; which could explain why he was able to get away with presenting this ID in the first place without question (at least initially).

It’s important not just look at situations like these through rose-colored glasses however; as they do require us to consider how our actions may affect others around us - especially those who are just trying do their job and maintain order in society as best they can (like law enforcement officers). Even if Woz didn’t break any laws per se by presenting a fake ID , his actions still wasted valuable time and resources that could have been used elsewhere - which itself should give us pause before attempting something similar ourselves in future!

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