Creating Amazing Projects Out of Passion: The SteamDB, GeoQuest and Radiant Stories

It’s amazing to see the incredible projects that people are creating and maintaining with their own time and effort. In this discussion, we looked at three different projects: SteamDB, GeoQuest, and Radiant.


SteamDB is a database of Steam games, their updates, price history, charts, and much more. What’s even more impressive is that the creator of SteamDB has been running it for over 10 years now without making any money from it! While many people suggested monetizing the site or selling ads on it to make some money off of it, the creator chose not to do so out of principle - a decision which deserves respect and admiration.

GeoQuest is an educational game focused on learning all countries in the world. The creator accepts donations through BuyMeACoffee but does not want to make money off his project as he’s already gained everything he wanted from creating GeoQuest: an eye-opening experience into marketing world and a useful website that he uses every day.

Finally we looked at Radiant: a personalised FM-style radio station which takes your Spotify library and turns it into an AI-powered radio station complete with snarky commentary from Rad - its AI radio presenter! Originally launched as a paid subscription model until Spotify shut them down for not following guidelines correctly; Radiant has since continued as a labour of love for its creators who don’t want to make money off it yet are actively looking into sponsorships if they can find ones whose terms fit within Spotify’s rules. They’re also planning on building their own ‘open music API’ which will give developers access to data sets without being at the mercy of streaming services - something I’m sure many developers would appreciate!

Overall these three projects demonstrate how creators can take what they’re passionate about and turn them into amazing creations while still retaining control over how (or if) they choose to monetize their work - even when there may be large potential profits available if they decided otherwise.

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