Fish-keeping made easy: Tips to keep your aquarium healthy and clean!

Are you a fish enthusiast looking for ways to maintain a healthy aquarium? Or, are you a novice looking for tips on how to care for your fish? Whatever the case may be, this text contains valuable information for anyone interested in keeping their fish happy and healthy.


The author starts by discussing the use of a manual siphon to clean the aquarium without disturbing the sand. They suggest placing the intake above the surface of the sand to minimize the amount of sand collected. They also advise kinking the hose to allow the sand to drop back down into the tank if the siphon picks it up. Another solution is to add a bucket or bag under the Python output to collect the sand.

The author then moves on to discuss the lack of oxygen in the tank and how to improve the situation by aerating the water. They suggest filling a cup with tank water and slowly pouring it back into the aquarium. For larger aquariums, they recommend scooping out 3/4 a gallon into a clean, closable gallon container and shaking it vigorously before pouring the oxygenated water back into the aquarium.

The text also emphasizes the importance of maintaining the optimal water parameters for the fish. This includes keeping the temperature at 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with a pH between 6 and 8, and a hardness between 5 and 35 dGH. The author also mentions helpful resources for identifying and treating fish illnesses.

Lastly, the text includes tips for keeping the aquarium clean, such as using a siphon to vacuum gravel or sand and adding ghost shrimp to help consume waste. The author also shares their personal experience with maintaining their own aquarium, including using Pygmy Corys, golden algae eaters, a pleco, and stone catfish as tankmates for their fish.

Overall, this text provides useful information for anyone looking to keep their aquarium clean and their fish healthy. It highlights useful tips for maintaining optimal water parameters and general cleaning techniques, making it a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced fish keepers alike.

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