Title: Unveiling the E Ink Newspaper Art Display: A Technological Marvel With a Catch

Title: The Allure and Limitations of the E Ink Newspaper Art Display


Subtitle: A Unique Blend of Technology and Nostalgia Comes at a Price

Introduction: Imagine having the front page of your favorite daily newspaper displayed prominently on your wall every day, just like the Google engineer who built his own e ink device. This combination of technology and nostalgia has now been turned into a commercial product called the E Ink Newspaper Art Display by Project E Ink in collaboration with Visionect. While the concept is intriguing, there are several considerations to take into account before investing in this unique piece of wall art.

The Features: The E Ink Newspaper Art Display is a 32" e ink display that comes with a subscription-based cloud CMS (Content Management System). The device connects to Visionect servers, allowing users to customize and display news content, updates on new editions, or even any URL of their choice. The device can be easily controlled via a user-friendly online portal.

The Limitations: However, there are significant limitations to consider before purchasing the E Ink Newspaper Art Display. The connectivity options are solely dependent on the proprietary CMS application, meaning there is no alternative method to pass images to the device. This raises concerns in various scenarios: if subscription fees are not paid, if the company terminates the subscription, if the software or product is discontinued, if the company no longer exists, or if the CMS becomes incompatible with the user’s device.

Subscription-Based Model: One aspect that has caused confusion among potential customers is the subscription-based model. While the product page does mention newspaper subscriptions, it does not explicitly state that the CMS itself requires a paid subscription. It is crucial for potential buyers to carefully review the pricing and terms before making a purchase decision in order to understand the ongoing costs involved.

Target Audience: The E Ink Newspaper Art Display seems to cater to a niche market, appealing to individuals who appreciate the aesthetic appeal of vintage newspaper front pages and are willing to invest in a unique piece of wall art. It may particularly resonate with those seeking an understated blend of technology and nostalgia in their homes.

Price and Viability: With a price tag of $2500, the E Ink Newspaper Art Display is undoubtedly a significant investment. Some individuals have raised questions about the sustainability and profitability of the product due to the level of investment required and the limited market reach. There is also the question of the availability and affordability of compatible on-premises solutions for the server software.

Conclusion: The E Ink Newspaper Art Display offers a visually appealing combination of technology, art, and nostalgia. While there are limitations and potential concerns surrounding the proprietary CMS and subscription model, the product has found admirers among those seeking a unique decor piece. It presents an interesting blend of the old and the new, allowing users to display the front pages of their favorite newspapers with ease. However, individuals interested in purchasing this product should carefully evaluate the ongoing costs and consider the potential risks associated with the proprietary software and subscription requirements.

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