Can it Really Unseat Reddit? The Importance of Finding Your Hook

In the ever-crowded world of online content aggregation, it takes more than just a good idea to stand out. That’s the message being given to the creator of, a new platform that aims to unseat Reddit as the go-to spot for user-generated content. While the hard work is applauded, the platform lacks a “hook” that would make it exceptional, according to one commentator. Without this, and with an upfront subscription model, the platform is likely to be “dead in the water,” they warn.


The critique continues with suggestions to improve the site’s user experience, from offering interesting content up front to making the registration process less burdensome. Other commentators suggest alternative compensation models, or ways to encourage users to participate more actively in smaller sub-communities.

While some of the criticism may seem harsh, it is a reminder that in a crowded space, only the exceptional will succeed. It is also a testament to the power of feedback in shaping and improving a product. The creator of would do well to take these critiques to heart, and to continue refining their platform until it truly stands out from the competition.

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